Roof Eave Clearing
Roof Eave Clearing

Roof Eave Clearing

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When you purchase we will come to your house (must be located in Park City, UT) and clear snow from the eaves of your home. Ice dams will be like, oh dam! 

This is to help prevent ice dams if they are minimal or have not already formed. By keeping the lower 3-4 feet of your roof eaves clear of snow this allows the snowmelt to run off, rather than back up and go under your shingles and into your house. If you already have ice dams thicker than 6-8" this could help them melt, but is not guaranteed to remove them 100%. Basically, you can pay me to do the hard work of what you should do as routine, but may not have time, energy and tools for. 

This purchase is for one house, a typical house, not MTV Cribs house because that costs more.  I'm also considerate and will clear the walkway/driveway as needed from the fallen snow. After purchase we will quickly schedule a day/time, you do not need to be home. 

The billing address is the location of the house to be cleared. I'll be in touch to schedule a time to complete it within a few days of purchase.

* This does not guarantee to prevent ice dams but is a very reasonable price for preventative maintenance.